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Rent Relief

Are you renting privately in the ACT? Have you been struggling with the rising cost of living?

Care is administering the ACT Government's Rent Relief Program.


The Program is designed to assist private renters on low/moderate incomes to catch up on arrears, relieve some financial pressure and/or prevent eviction. This program's purpose is to sustain existing tenancies and/or prevent evictions. 


Rent Relief provides a one-off payment of four (4) weeks rent, up to a maximum of $2,500.

Care can also assist with access to services and supports to improve your financial situation. 

Eligibility for a Rent Relief Grant:
  • Be a tenant or occupant in the ACT in a rental agreement - through a real estate or private landlord

  • The tenancy must be in place for a minimum of three (3) calendar months.

  • Be experiencing rental stress or severe financial hardship that is affecting your tenancy 

    • Rental Stress – your rent is over 30% of your income and you have less than $5,000 in liquid assets (like cash, bonds or stocks)

    • Severe Financial Hardship – your rent is less than 30% of your income and you have less than $3,000 in liquid assets (like cash, bonds or stocks) and are struggling to meet your expenses

  • Have a gross household income within the below limits: 

    • Single adult                        $54,643​

    • Sole parent                         $57,474

    • Each additional adult      $20,905

    • Each additional child       $18,127 

Please note:
  • Applications will be assessed in the order they are received.

  • If all supporting documentation is not provided this may cause a delay in assessment. 

  • If we require further documentation, your assessment will only remain open for a four (4) week period from the date first contact is made. If we do not hear from you within this period, then we will close your application.

  • In the instance where your application is closed due to no contact, if the program is still in operation, then you may re-apply. 

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Here to help

If you would like to apply or for more information please contact us or submit an enquiry

Mobile: 0423 161 727
Office:  6257 1788

Rent Relief Scheme enquiry

Thanks for your enquiry! 

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