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About us 

Care has been supporting the Canberra community since 1983 and we believe in financial fairness for all. We are a community organisation that provides free and confidential support and assistance to people living on low to moderate incomes or who are experiencing financial difficulty. 

Our culture

Finance can be a complex field, often feeling like an overwhelming maze. Care believes that an individual’s mental health and wellbeing is just as important as their financial health and wellbeing. While every person is on their own journey, Care uses its expertise and wisdom across its services to support clients, cutting through the noise and providing simple solutions to complex problems.

Our priorities

  • Provide information, advice, advocacy and ongoing support for people in the community who experience financial hardship or exploitive lending practices

  • Work to educate the broader community about their rights, responsibilities and options regarding financial issues

  • Advocate for fair changes at a systemic level 

  • Be innovative in the community sector to achieve key outcomes, by focusing internally as an organisation, as well as working collaboratively with partner organisations 

  • Constant reflection and evaluation of our services to ensure they meet the diverse needs of our various stakeholders 

Our values

  • Equality - we believe that all people should have access to financial skills development, information and support 

  • Inclusion - we value diversity and work to ensure that we reach people from across the community 

  • Empowerment - We empower people to better understand and take control of their financial situation

  • Respect - we are respectful and work compassionately with people to understand their experience and provide support

  • Change - we focus on achieving change for individuals and systems

  • Culture -  we value our people, foster a positive team culture and work with integrity across all that we do 

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