Who we are

Having served the Canberra community for over 35 years, at Care we are driven to continually strive for financial fairness for all. We have a rich history that stems back to ...

Our organisation exists to serve the Canberra region and nearby NSW. We provide information support and assistance for those who are experiencing financial difficulty. 

The following outlines our priorities as an organisation, so that we can continue to Care for individuals in our local community. 

  • provide support for individuals in the community if they experience financial hardship or exploitive practices

  • work to educate the broader community about their rights and options regarding financial decisions

  • advocate for fair changes at a systemic level 

  • be innovative in the community sector to achieve key outcomes, by focusing introspectively as an organisation, as well as with our partners 

  • constant reflection and evaluation on our services to meet the diverse needs of our various stakeholders 

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