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Financial abuse

Financial abuse is a form of coercive control and occurs when a loved one, a family member, friend or carer uses money, assets, or income to control another person and their decisions. 

Abusive behaviours may include:

  • controlling access to finances such as cash, bank accounts, benefits or pensions, including controlling access to internet banking

  • refusing to contribute financially to the relationship or joint family expenses

  • taking out loans and running up debts in a family member’s or partner’s name without their knowledge or consent. or forcing them to give consent

  • forcing someone to change their Will or transfer their assets

  • forging signatures on financial documents or pressuring someone to sign documents against their will.

  • preventing a partner or family member from working or studying

  • forcing a partner or family member to claim social security benefits.

Financial abuse can happen to anyone regardless of ethnic and cultural background, socio-economic status, age, health or other factors. However, like other forms of family violence, women are significantly more likely to experience financial abuse than men.

A Care Consumer Law specialist lawyer works closely with people experiencing or escaping financial abuse and other service providers to work holistically to offer the best advice and ongoing support to help you regain control of your finances, and your life.

We also offer support to service providers across Canberra through our community education programs and Mobile Debt Clinics. You are welcome to contact us directly on (02) 6143 0044 or at to make a referral or discuss your or your client’s circumstances. 

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