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Australian Consumer Law

Australian Consumer Law is a national law administered by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) alongside the state and territory consumer protection agencies – in the ACT, it is Access Canberra.

This law aims to protect consumers including in the following areas: 
  • unfair contract terms

  • consumer guarantees

  • consumer product safety

  • sale practices

  • avoiding unfair business practices.

Examples of obligations on goods and services providers include:
  • a consumer being able to change their mind within three business days of purchasing a new or used car from a motor dealer (but not at a private sale)

  • a right to request an itemised bill, free of charge

  • if the goods or service do not meet a consumer guarantee (e.g. of being of acceptable quality), a right to ask for a refund, replacement or repair where the goods or service is valued under $40,000. A consumer can ask for a refund, replacement or repair if the goods are over $40,000 in value and normally bought for personal or household use.

  • a right for a refund in case of a “major failure” of goods and services, and the right to ask for compensation for damages or loss if the supplier could have reasonably foreseen a problem. (A retailer/store cannot override consumer guarantee rights, for example by stating on store signs ‘no refunds’ or ‘no returns’. This is unlawful.)

Care Consumer Law can help you to find out the details of your situation and request copies of contracts and documents on your behalf. Depending on your circumstances, we may help you to:
  • request that the goods or services provider rectify damage or replace a faulty product

  • ask for your payment to be refunded

  • ask for compensation for damage or inconvenience

  • report bad behaviour or treatment to the regulators

Thank you so much for your advice.

The gym have advised that they’ve transferred me the money back.

They settled almost instantaneously after I sent them your points. I don’t think they were aware of the code.

In the unlikely event there are any further issues I’ll be in touch. I hope that you and your staff have a wonderful weekend

- Care Consumer Law client

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