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Community Loans program

Care's Community Loans offer a 0% interest loan for people in the ACT and surrounding NSW region, on low to moderate incomes. The loan is up to $2000 (subject to eligibility) and can be used to purchase goods and services.

What can be purchased?

Community Loans are available to purchase essential goods and services including:  

  • Household furniture 

  • White goods 

  • Electrical/electronic items

  • Car related costs such as car repairs, registration 

  • Medical and Dental expenses (including pets) 

  • Educational expenses such as uniforms, courses, resources, etc

Please note, loans are not available for the following items: 

  • Food

  • Rent

  • Bills (i.e. utlity, phone)

  • Cash advances

  • Debts (i.e. credit card, personal / car loans) or debt consolidation

  • Used vehicles

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for a loan you need to:​

  • Live or work in the ACT or surrounding NSW region

  • Stable accommodation (ie. renting, boarding, own home)

  • Show capacity and willingness to repay the loan over 12-24 months

  • Have a low to moderate income or receive government income support

How much can I borrow?

Eligible applicants can apply to borrow up to $2000.  However this will be determined on your capacity to repay the loan. If the item you want to purchase costs more than $2000 then you are able to contribute your own funds to make up the difference. 

*please note, loans are paid directly to the retailer/trader and not to the applicant.  

What documentation do we require?

In order for us to assess your suitability for a loan we require the following documentation: 

  • A copy of your I.D/ concession cards

  • Evidence of income such as a current Centrelink Income Statement and/or a minimum of 1 month's payslips

  • The last 90 days transaction history for all bank accounts (including mortgage)

  • The first 2 pages of your lease agreement or most recent rates notice 

  • Utility bills (eg: electricity, gas, water, phone/internet)

  • Most recent statements for any other credit facilities 

  • Most recent statements for any 'Buy Now - Pay later', payday loans or 'rent-to-buy' 

  • Registration papers or proof of vehicle ownership (for vehicle related loans) 

  • Quote from the retailer/trader for the goods or service

Loan approval process

Once you have provided all required documentation and your loan has been assessed for approval, you will be asked to sign a loan agreement. This outlines the amount you will be lent as well as how many fortnightly payments you be required to pay.  

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Here to help

For more information or to apply contact the Community Loans team. Alternatively, click on the downloadable application form and send the completed form back.

02 6257 1788

Fill in the enquiry form and our Community Loans team will get back to you

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