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Work and Development Program

Do you have ACT fines? Are you interested in reducing your fines by attending Care's Budgeting For Life workshop for approved Work and Development Program (WDP) participants?

About the Work and Development Program

If you are struggling to pay ACT traffic, parking and traffic camera infringements, you may be eligible to complete a community work or social development program, which can result in the amount of infringement debt owed being reduced.


Participants, approved for a WDP with Access Canberra, can register to attend Care's Budgeting for Life workshop. Each workshop session runs 2 hours in duration which contributes to reducing your infringement fine by $100. 


Workshop sessions are held throughout the year, see below for upcoming dates. To attend you must first be approved by Access Canberra before undertaking any of the workshop sessions for credit to be applied to your fines. 


Fines that are eligible include:

  • ​Traffic fines

  • Parking fines

  • Traffic camera infringement notices 

Fines NOT eligible include: 

  • Parking fines issued by Australian National University or the National Capital Authority

  • Court fees 

To read more about eligibility criteria including the approval process, please click on the following links:​​


Please note, we no longer offer this program for anyone with NSW fines. For information about providers offering Work and Development Orders in NSW visit Services NSW.

Are you a job seeker? If so you can attend these sessions and have them count towards your mutual obligations. Click here for more information

How to register for the Budgeting for Life workshop sessions

Before we can register you to attend our workshop sessions, you must be approved by Access Canberra.  To learn more about their eligibility criteria or to download their application form visit Access Canberra.

Once you have been approved with Access Canberra we can assist you to register for the workshop sessions.  

Please note you can attend the Budgeting for Life workshop sessions either online or in person.  Please let the Care team know if you would like to attend online or in person. 

Want help to fill in your paper work? 

If you would like assistance to complete the application WDP forms for Access Canberra, please call our helpline on 1800 007 007. We can help you to fill in the forms either through a face to face appointment or via the phone. 

If you would like help to fill in the paperwork we will require the following documentation:

  • Your fine(s)/infringement/penalty notice 

  • Drivers license 

  • Centrelink concession card (if you have one)

  • Information about your financial situation or circumstances and eligibility (pay slips, budget, Centrelink income statement, bank statements, visa status)

Upcoming Budgeting for Life workshop sessions

Each budgeting for Life workshop session has a different topic and guest speaker.  Depending on the amount of fines you have, you can as many sessions as needed.  Participants can attend sessions either in person or online. See calendar below for our next workshop sessions.

Thank you to the following organisations for presenting as guest speakers at Care's Budgeting for Life workshop sessions.  
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Here to help

If you would like to apply for a Work and Development Program contact Care's team

1800 007 007  

Work and Development workshops enquiry form

Thanks for submitting! We will get in touch soon

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