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Gambling harm

Gambling harm starts when we have a sense that we are losing more than we are gaining from gambling. It may be difficult to recognise signs of gambling harm initially, because the effects may not be immediate. We can assist anyone who is impacted by gambling harm, including partners, family members, friends and even work colleagues. 

Am I impacted by gambling harm?

It may be useful to seek help if gambling harm impacts negatively on your mental and physical health, relationships, family, work, time and finances. If gambling:

  • causes you distress

  • causes you to lose the money needed to buy the essentials

  • causes you to lose your car or your home because you gambled money you need to pay your debt

  • is affecting your health (sleep, eating, functioning, mental health) 

  • has affected your family/friends who have distanced from you 

How a financial counsellor can help 

We understand that you might feel overwhelmed because gambling harm may be impacting you financially. Talking to someone who is qualified and experienced in this field can help you feel clearer and can empower you to take charge of your life. A financial counsellor can: ​

  • provide free and confidential counselling and support for people impacted by gambling harm

  • provide information about your options, so you can explore and decide what you would like to do about debts or bills.

  • help you explore your priorities and goals, so you know what outcome you are hoping for

  • offer information and financial tips, including how to protect assets

  • assist you with an income and expenses sheet and a creditors list to comprehend and assist with the financial situation. We may negotiate with creditors directly or support you to do this yourself.

  • work with adults or couples to establish effective systems that support healthy relationships.

  • refer you to specialist services if needed, such as legal advice.

Want to find out more?

The following are links to other organisations and resources that are free and confidential and can help you if you are experiencing gambling harm. 


ACT Gambling Support Service

The AGSS is a free service offering confidential face-to-face, telephone and online counselling services for people experiencing harm associated with gambling. 

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BetStop - National Self-Exclusion Register™

BetStop - the National Self-Exclusion Register™ is a safe and free Australian Government initiative to block yourself from all licensed Australian online and phone gambling providers.

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Gambling Help Online

This service provides Australians access tp professional counselling and information, including free 24/7 chat and email support, and extensive website content and self-help information. 

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Not a Dollar More Podcast

This free podcast series is for people who are worried about their gambling or who want to know more about the problems gambling can cause.

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Australian Communication and Media Authority

It’s important to protect the community from illegal betting and gaming services provided online. Understand what is and isn’t allowed and who can help if you have a complaint.

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Can your bank help you block gambling on your credit or debit cards?

Some Australian banks are now allowing customers to block gambling transactions on their credit or debit cards.

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Here to help

If you are impacted by gambling harm, you are not alone and we are here to support you no matter where you are at. A specialist gambling financial counsellor can help you work through your concerns and can connect you to other services in your community, such as the ACT Gambling Support Service. 

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