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Bring Your Bills

Do you have a bill or a debt that you would like to discuss? Care runs regular Bring Your Bill events at various locations across Canberra.

About Bring Your Bill events

Care has been running Bring Your Bills events for the past few years as a way of engaging the community and facilitating access to a range of services in one place. If you have any bills or debt that you would like to discuss then this is your one-stop-shop to have a confidential chat with support services. 

What to bring?

If you do attend a Bring Your Bills event please bring as much of the following with you, if relevant: 


  • Bills

  • Loans docs

  • Consumer contracts

  • Relevant letters from providers 

  • Concessions cards (if needed for verification)

  • Any other items that you would like to discuss with the services in attendance

When is the next Bring Your Bills? 

Check back on our website for updates on the next Bring Your Bills event.

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Here to help

If you would like to know more about our Bring Your Bills events contact our Community Education team

02 6257 1788

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