Our Culture and Values 

As a community based organisation, our connectedness to Canberra and our sense of duty defines our culture and values. 


Our people have rich and diverse backgrounds, knowledge and experiences that all come together to make a meaningful impact when it comes to achieving positive changes in individual's financial lives. By empowering our people to hone their skills and achieve their full potential, we ensure that our organisation continues to improve and grow.  


The following outline what values are integral to our organisational model, and serve as a guide as we continue to strive for financial fairness for all


Equality - we believe that all people should have access to financial skills development, information and support 

Inclusion - we value diversity and work to ensure that we reach people from across the community 

Empowerment - We empower people to better understand and take control of their financial situation

Respect - we are respectful and work compassionately with people to understand their experience and provide support

Change - we focus on achieving change for individuals and systems

Culture -  we value our people, foster a positive team culture and work with integrity across all that we do 

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