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Care No Interest Loan

Care has been providing no interest loans for people on low to moderate incomes to purchase essential goods and services for over 30 years. 

Our no interest loan program works through a process of circular community credit - when a borrower repays their loan then funds are available as a loan for someone else in the community. Our 

program has no fees, charges or interest for the life of the loan. 


In other words, what you borrow is what you pay back. 

We also have a specialist loan program for people 

who have experienced and left a domestic or family 

violence situation.

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Get in touch with Care's no interest loan team

For more information or to apply, contact one of our No interest Loan Casworkers


(02) 6257 1788


Learn more about our no interest loans programs

Care's no interest loan 

Care offers a No Interest Loan Program for people on low incomes to purchase essential household items, educational resources, car related expenses and more! 

Assistance Beyond Crisis

The Assistance Beyond Crisis (ABC) loan program offers interest free loans for people who have experienced and left a domestic or family violence situation.

Learn more about how it works 

Care's no interest loans programs are a safe form of credit. This page gives you a run down of how these services work.