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Budgeting for Life Workshops for Jobseekers - 
Adult Community Education (ACE)  

Are you a jobseeker keen to build your money management skills? Care has been funded by the ACT Government to run free financial capability workshops for Jobseekers. 

Dealing with money is a foundational life skill and these workshops offer practical strategies to build your money management skills now and for the future.  Each workshop is a standalone session and is delivered by Care's community education team as well as invited subject experts. 

Benefits of attending 

Not only will you learn new money management skills and strategies from experts in the field but attending sessions can also:  

  • count towards your mutual obligation reporting requirements for Centrelink payments (check with your Workforce Provider) - for more information visit Workforce Australia - Australian Government

  • contribute towards paying off ACT traffic or parking fines (eligibility criteria applies) - for information visit Access Canberra

  • $100 voucher off your energy bill for ActewAGL customers (eligibility applies) 

How to attend

You can attend sessions either online or in person and can attend as few or as many sessions as you like. 

How to register yourself or to refer a client

Fill the following online form or contact Care's community education team on 6257 1788. 

Calendar of Budgeting for Life workshop sessions
Budgeting for Life workshops self registration form / client referral form

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Workshop participant details
Do you have to report on Mutual Obligations with Centrelink?
Do you have Access Canberra traffic and parking infringements?

If yes, you may be eligible for a Work Development Program - click here for more information

Which workshop(s) are you interested in attending:
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Referral details (if applicable)

Thanks for submitting! We will strive to get in touch within two (2) business days. Please note, we will call from a private number and will not leave a message unless you indicate it is okay for us to do so.



9.30 am - 11.30 am

Session 9 - SMART Goals


This session aims to help participants learn valuable tools to help define and decide financial goals that are achievable to them. The session will also explore the importance of understanding spending habits and ways to plug spending leaks so goals can be achieved.



3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Session 10 - Return to Work

This session explores the costs associated with work including childcare, transportation, social expenses as well HECS or study support loans being resumed.  The session will also explore why checking your pay slip and updating your budget and your financial goals are important before returning to work.  



3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Session 11​ - Community Loans

Care has been running a community loans scheme for over 30 years and this module will be facilitated by Care Community Loans staff member who will discuss how the loan scheme works to purchase items such as electronic and household furniture as well as health aids.  The facilitator will also compare high interest loans on the market such as consumer lease companies as well as the hidden costs of using By Now Pay Later products how they can quickly become debt traps.  


9.30 am -
11.30 am

Session 12 - Superannuation 101

This session is delivered by a superannuation expert and will explore superannuation contribution requirements as well as the benefits of the Employee Contribution Method (ECM) and how small contributions over a long period can benefit at retirement age.  The facilitator will demonstrate how to use superannuation calculators as well as how to find lost super and the benefit of combining employer contributions into one account.    


9.30 am -
11.30 am

Session 13 - Investing Wisely


This session will be facilitated by a Financial Investment Services Officer (FIS) which is part of Services Australia.   The facilitator will explore how to access Services Australia’s Financial Investment Service including their advice service on planning for retirement.


3:00 pm -
5:00 pm

Session 14 - Scam Awareness


The session will be facilitated by Care’s consumer law team and will explore different types of scams including online phone and in person scams and how to avoid being scammed.  The facilitator will also discuss resources available such as Scamwatch and what to do if you have been scammed.   


9.30 am -
11.30 am

Session 15 - Wills and Power of Attorney

This session will be facilitated by the Public Trustee and Guardian who will discuss the basics of what a will is and why it is important to have one especially if you have children and assets.  The facilitator will discuss what to consider when it comes to preparing a will and common terminology used and the risks associated with preparing one yourself.  There will be an opportunity to share low cost supports and resources for preparing a will or power of attorney.   

Thank you to the following organisations for presenting as guest speakers at Care's Budgeting for Life workshop sessions.  
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Care's Budgeting for Life for jobseeker's workshops are funded by the Adult Community Education JobTrainer Grants Program and is a jointly funded initiative of the ACT and Australian Governments. 

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For more information about Care's Budgeting for Life for Jobseekers workshops contact Care's community education team

6257 1788

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