Care inc. is a community organisation set up to ensure low income consumers are treated fairly and have support to overcome debt.



A selection of Care's publications is available via the links. New materials are added regularly.

Development of this part of Care's website has been made possible by a donation from Canberra Consumers Inc (CC).

Having been established in the early 1960s CC wound up its operations as a not-for-profit, volunteer consumer body in mid-2005. Care recognises the important role that CC played in the development of consumer issues in the ACT and nationally over its 40 year life span.



Care’s annual report provides information on the activities undertaken during the year and highlights major achievements for the organisation. The annual report also includes a copy of the Audited Financial Report.

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The strategic plan outlines Care’s vision, values and goals. It also includes our key priorities for the coming three year period.

The Strategic Plan for 2018-23 is available as a PDF here.


Care’s community education program provides a range of activities in the local community. We also produce educational resources which provide information on budgeting, dealing with debt and other financial issues.

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Care writes submissions, reports and other policy documents in response to a broad range of issues that impact our client group.

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"Ensuring low income and vulnerable consumers are treated fairly and to support them to overcome debt"

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