Care inc. is a community organisation set up to ensure low income consumers are treated fairly and have support to overcome debt.


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Knowing how to manage money is one of the most important aspects of everyday life, and in today’s society managing money can be even more challenging with the rapidly increasing choice and complexity in consumer and financial products on the market.

Care’s community development and education program has been operating since the late 1980s and aims to provide low to moderate income earners with information, awareness and practical tools on a wide range of money management topics such as budgeting, managing credit, dealing with debt and understanding consumer rights and responsibilities.

We provide a range of educational activities in the community and are available to come and talk to your service (or school) about financial counselling as well as strategies for supporting clients who live on low to moderate incomes.  Our community educators can also run workshops at your premises for your clients that are targeted to their specific needs.

If you would like to speak to our community development and education workers about coming out to your service to talk to your staff or run workshops for your clients, please call our office or email us.



The "Surviving and Thriving" booklets

"Ensuring low income and vulnerable consumers are treated fairly and to support them to overcome debt"

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