Care inc. is a community organisation set up to ensure low income consumers are treated fairly and have support to overcome debt.



Being a Care Inc. Financial Counsellor

Role description

Financial Counsellors work with people facing financial difficulties. They aim to reduce the economic, physical, social and psychological impact of financial hardship on individuals and communities. They provide an independent and confidential service, including providing information, assessing financial circumstances and discussing options and, where necessary, advocating on behalf of clients with third parties.

Financial counsellors work in a collaborative relationship with their clients. They aim to encourage clients to identify, develop and implement strategies to address their financial situation.


Care Financial Counsellors

Care financial counsellors provide:

  A telephone information and referral service from 9 am to 4.30 pm Monday to Friday.

  A provisional two hour initial appointment for providing information on a client's situation.

  Casework appointment for clients who are seeking ongoing support to deal with their financial situation.

  A drop in service Wednesday from
5:30 pm to 7.30 pm for immediate information.

Client work can include the following:

  Helping clients to become aware of their income and expenditures and to learn to plan their spending over time.

  Assisting clients to do income and expenditure statements so that they know their capacity to service loans and make repayments to creditors.

  Working with government agencies to ensure that clients receive their entitlements.

  Informing clients of their rights as consumers of goods and services.

  Supporting and advocating for clients who are involved in debt recovery action.

  Informing clients about housing and residential tenancy issues.

  Indentifying and working with underlying issues related to financial difficulties.

Financial counselling at Care does not involve financial planning or investment advice, or giving out of money.

Care Financial Counsellors


Qualifications for financial counsellors vary between organisations. At Care Inc. the requirements are as follows:


Diploma of Community Services (Financial Counselling) and eligibility for membership with Financial Counselling Australia (FCA)

Work experience

  Work experience in a counselling or financial counselling role.

  Demonstrated high level of counselling skills.

  Communication and negotiation skills of a high level.

  Well-developed analytical skills.

  Capacity to understand broad legal concepts related to the position.

Personal attributes

  Ability to work independently, as well as be an effective member of a small professional team.

  A strong interest in consumer protection and poverty issues.

  Demonstrated interest in and capacity to undertake professional development.

  Willingness to undertake initial intensive training (up to 3 months depending on experience) in financial information/legal aspects of the work.

All of Care's employment contracts are reliant on continued funding being available.


"Ensuring low income and vulnerable consumers are treated fairly and to support them to overcome debt"

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